7 Fantastic Strategies for Overcoming Your Fear of Writing Assignments

Writing Assignments
Today I’m going to talk about the one form of fear that students encounter frequently, that is, the fear of writing. Fear of writing stems from the fact that you’re going to present your work to someone for critique purposes. Self-evaluation itself is hard in the process of writing. And presenting your work for review, and critique makes it all the more difficult, and fearful. When you doubt your abilities, the fear of writing increases many folds as well. However, letting your fear hold you back is not a solution to this problem. You must overcome your fear of writing in order to write that book you’ve been thinking about, or that paper you want to publish. Here are a few strategies that you can adopt for overcoming your fear of writing;

Think of the worst-case Scenario

When you’re up against something that makes you cringe, the first thing you should ask yourself is, “What is the worst-case scenario?” or “How harmful can it be?” You will find that the answer is not too bad. Unless it is the task of jumping from a cliff, the worst-case scenario probably is not as bad as you think it is. At this point, you need to understand that fear is a bodily mechanism for keeping you safe. When you keep doing what you fear, it will eventually subside. However, you should start with something small, like writing a small section of the assignment. You can start by making an outline as well. Creating ideas can be a good start towards small writing. You can get assignment writing help if you can’t focus on ideas creation.


You need to figure out a time that is best for you, and then just write. Stop thinking about things that you could’ve done in that time. Because you’re simply procrastinating due to your fear. You must figure out a pattern to stop overthinking everything. If you’re really up for a break, simply set a time limit. After that time limit, don't think, and just act on it. As you overthink the whole process, it will mount your fear many folds. Hence the only way of overcoming your fear is to break the pattern of overthinking.


For some people, the fear of criticism manifests as a fear of writing. To avoid such unfortunate situations, take criticism in a healthy manner. Fear of writing is actually the fear of that feeling you will get if people will criticise your work. Criticism is not something you can simply ignore, but you must learn how you can use it for your own benefit.


When you have a fear of writing, revising your work does not help much. Proofreading your piece of work is important, and nobody denies that. However, thinking that by revising multiple times you’ll be able to find a perfect piece of work is not possible. Because revising your work can make you even more confused. A person who has a fear of writing must already be doubting his/her abilities. Therefore, revising your work multiple times can only increase more doubt. Thus, after good proofreading, you have to let it go. Perfectionism can kill your creative vibe. Therefore, you should avoid it as much as possible.

Setting Goals

When you want to write an assignment, you must set SMART goals. But these goals should be achievable. In regards to goals, focusing on milestones can be greatly beneficial. Because milestones allow you to take one step at a time. The fear of writing can truly be overcome when you take one step at a time instead of thinking about the whole process. Writing an assignment can be a significantly longer process. Therefore, you need to divide the writing process into small milestones that are easily achievable.

Asking for Help

Writing is never an easy job, but you can always ask for help for assignment writing. You can join other writers or readers to help you in moving forward if you get stuck somewhere. For instance, if you’re writing an assignment, you can ask for clarification from your supervisors. It is possible that your peers might have a better understanding of the brief, so you can ask them as well.

Embracing your Fears

Embracing what bothers you is the ultimate solution. If you’re alive even while having so many fears, it means that you have the ability to endure them. That is the only affirmation you need from life. So embrace your fear as you will find yourself in such situations more frequently than ever. And to prepare yourself, you must embrace your fears so that the next time, you’re better able to tackle them.

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