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7 Fantastic Strategies for Overcoming Your Fear of Writing Assignments

Today I’m going to talk about the one form of fear that students encounter frequently, that is, the fear of writing. Fear of writing stems from the fact that you’re going to present your work to someone for critique purposes. Self-evaluation itself is hard in the process of writing. And presenting your work for review, and critique makes it all the more difficult, and fearful. When you doubt your abilities, the fear of writing increases many folds as well. However, letting your fear hold you back is not a solution to this problem. You must overcome your fear of writing in order to write that book you’ve been thinking about, or that paper you want to publish. Here are a few strategies that you can adopt for overcoming your fear of writing; Think of the worst-case Scenario When you’re up against something that makes you cringe, the first thing you should ask yourself is, “What is the worst-case scenario?” or “How harmful can it be?” You will find that the answer is not too bad. Unless it